Timothy Bible College

Self-paced, Bible-based life preparation

From age 8 to 98, Timothy Bible College offers work-at-your-own-pace courses ranging from "High School Diploma" (8 yr old - ?) to Doctorate of Theology. Most course material is on CDs and can be done at home at one's own pace.


High school diploma course begins at age 8 and can be taken in four parts. This course has been successfully completed in six weeks for older young people.

Staring point depends on age, current acheivement level, and willingness.


College courses

TBC gives LIfe Credit for work and experience which has contributed to a student's chosen or called field of endeavor. See the Sample Course Page for some of our courses.

8-80 with personalized teaching
All ages

Following a harsh winter, TBC is offering Spring Scholarships for most of our full courses. (Some Bible Courses, as much as 50%)